About Me

janettepqBabysitting was my first job as a teenager. It was a great way to earn some extra money so that I can go out with my friends to eat in the mall and then watch movies. I felt empowered whenever I was paid just watching over my neighbors’ kids who were half my age. Earning $5 an hour was a lot of money then and I just love every bit of it. In college, I still found time to do some babysitting every now and then just to get some extra spending money. Dealing with parents and children was pretty much second nature to me.

All the years I’ve done babysitting for others, I believe, made me an expert on what to expect from babysitters as well as parents. Now that I have kids of my own, I feel that I might as well share some of my experience and words of wisdom with regards to the art of babysitting. I hope that other parents might be able to learn something from me so that they would be able to experience the joys and peace of mind that comes with finding and managing the perfect babysitter for their little ones.

Janette Panda Q.