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Take Time To Set Expectations With The Babysitter

babysitter-expectationsIt’s a rule. You set expectations with your babysitter. You think you got it all covered but no. Chances are, some things are still not that clear. The babysitter’s not all that bad. But you need to be sure that things are cleared out.

So how exactly do you set expectations? You might think that it’s easy to set expectations. You just list down all your expectations from the babysitter. Sounds pretty easy, right? But then again, it’s not that easy.

Communication is the key in setting expectations. You just can’t write down all your expectations. When you’re setting expectations, your babysitter is not just on the receiving end. You need to keep this in mind. Were you able to get everything across clearly?

Setting expectations is not just a matter of giving your babysitter a piece of paper. What you need to do is to verify if you got everything out clearly. You can’t assume that she knows it. Most certainly, you can’t assume that she understood everything as well.

When you set expectations, the two of you have to work on it. It’s not as simple as telling her what to do. And it’s also not about you telling her what not to do. It’s a two way street when you set expectations. You need to sit down with your babysitter. You guys will have to talk and listen to each other.

Sign Off

There are some instances when babysitters already know what the expectations are. If you were used to hiring from Sittercity, you’d know this.

When you post a job on Sittercity, you have to be detailed with your requirements. This way, you’re starting to set your expectations. The interested parties already have an idea as to what you want. You can’t do this if you don’t post a job formally. Sittercity gives you an opportunity to be clear from the start.

So thanks to services like Sittercity, you can set expectations from the start. It’s easy for you to do it in early stages of your search. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to sit on it with the babysitter. Whether you hire from Sittercity or not, you need to sit with the babysitter.

Once you’ve hired the babysitter, sit with her and discuss all the your expectations. You need to hear it from her as well. You also need to hear what her expectations are as well.

The two of you will have to agree on the expectations. These expectations are from both you and the babysitter. Then the two of you sign off.

Signing off is very important. It’s one way of measuring if both parties are on the same page. Because just like anything else, there’ll be some misunderstanding along the way. When the time comes, you can always go back to the expectations.

Giving It A Dry Run

Although you had spent a good time setting expectations, they’re never final. You would have to test them out as well. You just can’t hold on to the same expectations. While some may work right away, some may eventually become irrelevant. Some expectations may even become unreasonable. You need to have an open mind when you test out your expectations. It’s one way for you to establish a good working relationship with the babysitter.

Revisiting Expectations

You and the babysitter will have to work as a team. The two of you will have to assess the expectations. At some point, you’ll have to revisit them. And if you have to revise them, you should.

Setting expectations with the babysitter takes some time and effort. But you need to invest some time and effort into it. It’s the only way you and the babysitter can be on the same page.

How I Prep My Kids For The Babysitter

babysitter-kids-preparationI do it. There’s just no reason why I shouldn’t. I take time to really prep my kids for the babysitter. It’s important that they understand why I need a babysitter for them. This way they won’t resent the babysitter when she walks through the door.

Mommy Needs Help Too

As a mom, I worry about finding a babysitter. The whole process of finding one consumes me. Because of that, I forget about my kids. I’m just so focused on finding the right babysitter for my kids. That shouldn’t be the case.

It’s but right to exhaust all our means to find the right babysitter. Such is the reason why I chose to sign up with Sittercity. I like their selection process. I can easily connect to the right Sittercity. Aside from that, I can run a background check on the babysitter. I feel safer with Sittercity. And I’m sure my kids are safe.

But that’s the irony of it all. I exhaust every means to find the right babysitter. Unfortunately, sometimes I forget to explain to my kids why I need a babysitter. That should never be the case. I have to explain to them why mommy needs help too. They need to understand that. It’s one good way for them to prepare for the babysitter. As a matter of fact, it might even get them to welcome the babysitter.

My kids deserve to know the reason why I rely on a babysitter. They need to understand that. It’s an effective way for them to prepare for the babysitter.

Show Some Respect

Before the babysitter comes over, my kids and I go over their manners. This is all part of the whole preparation process. I want my kids to behave. They have to say “Thank you” and “Please”. They have to show their respect and appreciation to the babysitter. I can never miss this out in the whole preparation process.

Tell Mommy Everything

As a mom, I always have that window of doubt. I can’t help it. So part of our preparation process is to instruct my kids to tell me everything. Hours before the babysitter arrives, I explain to my kids that they have a job to do. And that’s to tell Mommy everything about the babysitter. After all, they are the most credible source of feedback.

Although I’ve been very lucky with our babysitters from Sittercity, I’m still careful. I don’t want to be complacent. That’s why I get my kids to give me feedback. So in the process of preparing them, I instruct them to tell me everything when I get home.

Everything Will Be Okay

Of course part of our preparation is tell them that everything is going to be okay. I need to give them that. I don’t want them scared and anxious about their babysitter. But then, I can’t make that up. If I want to assure my kids that everything is going to be okay, then it should be. Such is the reason why I rely on Sittercity. Given the background check, I can be sure that my kids will be okay.
For me, that’s the most important step in prepping the kids for the babysitter.

I owe it to my kids. They need to know why I have to call on a babysitter. I can’t just have the babysitter come and take over. My kids need to know all the reasons why. Aside from that, I need to make sure they’re prepared for the babysitter. As a responsible mom, I should do just that.

Do you have tips on how to prep your kids for the babysitter?

My Take On The Babysitter Getting Mad At The Kids

babysitter-should-be-more-responsibleI’m not for it. I don’t think babysitter should get mad at kids. They should just call their attention and that’s it.

Babysitters should know their limitations. No matter how unruly the kids are, babysitters should be patient. The tantrums are all part of the turf. Babysitters should know that. The most they should do is to calm the kids. They can call their attention as well. But they have to explain why they’re doing it. It’s not just matter of saying, “Don’t do that!” or “That’s bad!” The babysitter should explain things.

If the kids can’t touch it, the babysitter should explain why. They shouldn’t just say, “No! You can’t do that!” They also can’t say, “Your mom said so!” Those are lame excuses.

Babysitters shouldn’t be quick to judge. They should know the difference between scolding and explaining. It’s a thin line but they should know it.

They Should Know How To Handle The Situation

Babysitters should be able to handle the situation. They should know what to do and say. If one of the kids is throwing a tantrum, she’s in control. The situation shouldn’t control them.

Control here means they’re calm and collected. They must know what to do in tough situations. If they know how to handle such situations, they won’t end up yelling. I think that no babysitter has the right to yell at the kids.

It’s a fact. There are kids that are really hard to handle. Some can be really mean. But my point here is this. Babysitters should know how to handle even the toughest kids. Such is the reason why babysitters should have in depth knowledge on children. It’s the only way they can handle tough situations.

They Should Be Able To Give Objective And Specific Feedback

I feel strongly that babysitters shouldn’t get mad at the kids. They have no right to. But they have all the right to tell the parents. And they should. They have to give proper feedback to the parents. This is also for their protection. The parents should be aware of the tantrums of their kids. If there are any outbursts, the babysitter should notify the parents right away. If the babysitter can document it, the better.

It’s clear. I feel strongly about babysitters getting mad at the kids. They have no right to do that. They must know how to handle kids in the first place. They should never reach the point of being angry. They must not show any signs of it to the kids.

As a concerned mom, I really want a babysitter that can handle even the rowdiest kids. I know that only professional babysitters can do that. These are the ones that know children. They’re trained to address the needs of children. They can handle the challenges of watching somebody else’s kid. These are the kind of babysitters our kids need and deserve.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find professional babysitters. I can go online and find one. I can even run a background check. That’s an added service provided by some sitter services online. To top it all, I can even gather reviews on the babysitter. All these services are valuable to my search. I can be sure that the babysitter can handle my kid. I really wouldn’t want someone that’ll get mad at my kid. No babysitter has the right to do that. And that’s just my take on it.