Privacy Policy

As a valued visitor and user of, I respect your privacy. I will not be sending you junk mails nor will I be sharing or selling your email addresses with any third party or any service provider for that matter. So don’t worry. I will protect all the personal information you share with me here.

Email Addresses

Each time you contact me using my contact form, you would have to include your name and email address. You can rest assure that your name and email address will be kept in full privacy. The only time I will use your email address is when you require me to reply to you. But should you not require me to do so, there is no reason for me to communicate with you through email.

Should you want to post a comment, you would also have to fill out the name and email address fields on the comment section. Only your name will be posted with your comment. Your email address will be protected and will not be posted online.

IP Address

You are not required to sign up with my website. The information on is readily available for you at all times. Each time you visit and use my website, I am able to view your IP address. This is because of the cookies that I use to monitor the traffic of . In case that makes you uncomfortable, you can easily turn off the cookies from your end. Nonetheless, I will also be protecting your IP address. Unless there’s a violation of my Terms and Conditions, I will not be sharing your IP address with anyone or with any agency.

This is the privacy policy of It can and it will change over time. The changes will be posted here. So please, check this page for some changes from time to time. As much as I respect your privacy, you also need to do your part to protect it.